Rivalz is disrupting the snacking game with the most satisfying, accessible, nutrient dense snacks. Brought to you from the farm to fork capital, Rivalz is designed and led by world renowned foodies and scientists in collaboration with UC Davis, a global catalyst that merges cutting edge research and expertise in food, tech, agriculture and health. Rivalz created a one-of-a-kind, dual-textured, multi-flavored stuffed snack that not only tastes like those traditional snacks you hate to love but also packs purposeful nutrition.

Rivalz is on a mission to restore fun and positivity into modern snacking and mealtimes with next level nutrient dense foods that let us live more in the moment and maximize tomorrow. Their game changing snacks rival any traditional snack on flavor and provide a new way of thinking about snacking nutrition. They are setting out to give those snacking goliaths a little healthy competition with a snack that tastes better and does better. Finally, nutrient dense snacks without compromise!

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