Dr. Carol Dollard

  • Former COO, Glacéau Vitaminwater
  • Co-Founder, Cloud Water Brands and Agua Brands
  • Former Senior Director, Pepsi Cola

Dr. Caroll Dollard is an entrepreneur and seasoned veteran of the beverage industry with over 25 years of experience building some of the biggest brands in the business. She provides product development support to portfolio companies with expertise in productization and commercialization of technology. 

Prior to TMG, Dr. Dollard was former Chief Operations Officer of Glacéau, provided leadership toward the innovation of glacéau vitaminwater and glacéau smartwater. Dr. Dollard has a decorated 17 year career at PepsiCo, directing worldwide flavor formulation, ingredient and technology activities for all Pepsi Cola products; responsible for identifying and integrating new technologies and business acquisitions in the PepsiCo strategy group. 

In addition to industry experience, Dr. Dollard was a Founder of Agua Brands the maker of Agua Active Hydration and Agua Fruit Essence, Co-founder and Strategic Advisor to Cloud Water Brands, a functional beverage brand with lines for CBD and Immunity and she serves on the Advisory Board for IGH Naturals formulating electrolyte solutions for athletes.